Inside and Out

Imagine a world where inner beauty was visible from the outside. 

Our inside and out campaign was created after we shot our first swimsuit model, Dessie Mitcheson. She is a highly successful model who still managed to be one of the most humble girls we've ever met. She kept us laughing the entire shoot and after a few sessions of brainstorming, we decided that inner beauty had to be our brand message. That day changed our perspective and now personality is our number one model requirement.

Our suits are reversible, so #insideandout was a perfect campaign, but it also speaks to the beauty of our models and followers.

When the customer receives their  purchase they also receive two free gifts.  One for themselves and one for someone they know, who is beautiful inside and out.

We really wanted to encourage young, beautiful girls to spread positivity, but we weren't sure if it would work. 

We tested out our idea- to see if our followers really were selfless and kind. We started a contest on Instagram where you could win a bikini for someone else. At first we thought very few people would take the time to do this for someone else. Seconds after we posted our giveaway countless emails, comments, and messages flooded in.

We are currently in the process of surprising our lucky winner with a bikini- but maybe this contest is about more than just a bikini.

Stay Tuned.

Patrick Jagodzinski