10 ways to tell if you are a real life mermaid

Growing up, we all had our favorite Disney characters, but let's be honest, Ariel was bae. She could sing, she had the cutest boyfriend, AMAZING hair, and that shell bra was the epic. Now that mermaids are trending back up, here's how to know if you are a real life mermaid.

1) You have more bikinis than shoes. 

2) Infact, You probably don't even wear shoes.



3) Tall, dark, and handsome is probably your type. If he's a sailor too, game on!

4) You're not materialistic, but you've got gadgets and gizmos a plenty, and whozits and whatzits galore.

5) Your wanderlust is so intense it's almost depressing. You have a love for travel and discovery that is never satisfied.

6) You've probably had one of these cuties as a pet. I did, and his name was Sebastian. Go figure.

7) Long hair is your signature look, and you often have sand all up in it. 


8) You have a love and respect for nature and all of it's creatures.

9) You're pretty innocent, but also pretty sexy.

10) You know your worth, and no one can steal your shine.

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Patrick Jagodzinski